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We are equipped with a state of art recording studio for video shooting, dubbing, recording, and editing. You can avail the facility for your production purpose

Our state-of-the-art facilities are taking giant strides at bringing dramatic changes to the production. The new 6,000 plus sq. ft. studio facility has some of the best talent & equipment to suit your production needs. The unit has been planned to keep in view the present and future needs of the industry. Our unique proprietary production pipeline allows us to handle several complex jobs at a time with ease.

We are proud of our high-quality work, and maintain a close working relationship with our clients to ensure their creative vision is realized.

Goodnews is proud to have an association with clients across India and worldwide.

Here’s what we do:

Video Recording Studios

Bring us your content and time to face the camera and leave with a video that conveys the message visually. Your budget will always be met with our highest standard.

Dubbing Studio

We can help you with voice over and dubbing services with native talents, in local languages and dialects. We handle timed, phrase sync and lip sync

Audio Recording Studio

Our state of the art audio studio can translate your content into several other languages. This is a multi market approach for  your existing content. There’s more we do here,  you can record a song or we can work on some backgrounds through our talented sound technicians.

Video Editing Studio

We offer services for video editing, sound track additions, generation of promos along with all you need to promote on social media as well. We will bring your recording to life.

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