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We help organizations grow through creative services as we understand the agony and pain we went through during our startup time when there was seldom who help us in these areas. We want all our clients to feel engaged with us, regardless of their business and business size. We are currently offering the following services. 

Taking Hope the Smart Way in the Digital Age


You didn’t come into ministry / Business to be confused by social, consumed by your website or bewildered by graphic designs. We are here to clarify your digital communication and equip you to accomplish your calling. Over 20 years of collective experience working in Media, Television Broadcast ,Communications with churches & organisations has given us the wisdom, skills and tools to take your digital presence to the next level and have a greater impact

Our Vision and Mission


Our vision and mission being
”Reach the Gospel to the unreached”
we pledge to make best use of this God gifted tool for expansion of the
Lord’s Kingdom.

What we do


Brand Design & Strategy

Design is the backbone of your communication in both social and mainstream media. We can help your content receives more eyeballs then you could imagine. Just share your ideas and we will bring that into visuals graphics

Social Media Marketing

Engaging with your audience online needs dedication and time. We understand and value your time as we take control of your social media marketing and engage with your audience regularly, the way you wanted as you relax and focus on other commitments.

Web Development

The website is an important identity for any brand and we understand that. We can help you in creating a trendy, content-filled and functional website at a cost which will not be heavy on your pockets.

Audio / Video Production

As an audio or video production we work for television broadcasters, recording or dubbing studios, live event production, and events that hold meetings or conferences.

Digital Marketing

Being online will not be enough unless you reach to your audience. Whether your audience is located across the globe or you want to target a specific group, we can help you reach in a better way using our digital marketing strategies.

Digital Post Production

Preservation & Physical Restoration
Scanning and Digitization
Image Enhancement
Visual Effects & Computer Graphics
Digital Post Production
Digital Audio & Video Restoration
Archiving & Asset Management
Digital Cinema

Generating New Ideas. Solving Problems

GoodNews Digital is a digital and creative service provider made of creative technologists, expert people, years of experience and a great heart to help organizations reach their full potential. Our team of experts offers a wide range of services. We are involved in digital marketing, social media marketing….

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Nehru Dhyriam


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Ashvin Dhyriam


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